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Tummy Tuck Candidates—Here’s What Actually Matters

When people come to me for a tummy tuck at my Richmond, VA, practice, I know they will be happy with their flatter, tighter midsections after surgery. As a plastic surgeon trained in abdominoplasty, I remove excess skin, correct loose or separated abdominal muscles, and sometimes combine liposuction to optimize results. Of course, this all sounds great; however, it is…

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Can I Get a Tummy Tuck Now and Recover by Summer?

Are you dreaming of donning that itsy bitsy bikini this summer? If your sagging belly is keeping you from the two-piece swimsuit of your dreams, call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Lewis. A tummy tuck could help you eliminate that muffin top and discover the flat stomach you’ve always wanted. Call today and schedule your tummy tuck consultation. Get…

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