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Lewis Plastic Surgery’s Sunscreen “AH HA” Moment

Skinceuticals Physical Fusion Defense UV SPF 50 I know we have all used sunscreens that promise to protect stay on even through sweating and most of all, actually be healthy for your skin. Well I have tried many and most have failed in one way or another, until I tried Skinceuticals Physical Fusion Defense UV SPF 50. AND FOLKS WE…

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Beautiful Skin – Richmond Plastic Surgeon Provides Non Surgical Skin Care Options

The secret to flawless skin lies in a daily skin regime consisting of medical grade skincare products. The truth is, we all wish for beautiful, healthy skin and we don’t realize how easy it is to achieve this personal goal. Why are medical grade skincare products better for you? The answer is in the ingredients.  Medical grade skincare products contain…

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Plastic Surgery Advertising – Is ‘Too Real’ Too Much?

According to an article in the Huffington Postlast week, an online magazine rejected a popular Plastic Surgeon’s advertisements for being “Too Real”. The advertisements submitted to the magazine featured women whose bodies would be considered a normal, average size to most people.  These are not the pictures of stick thin models you are used to seeing in magazines and on television.  These are…

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