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Lewis Plastic Surgery’s Sunscreen “AH HA” Moment

Skinceuticals Physical Fusion Defense UV SPF 50 I know we have all used sunscreens that promise to protect stay on even through sweating and most of all, actually be healthy for your skin. Well I have tried many and most have failed in one way or another, until I tried Skinceuticals Physical Fusion Defense UV SPF 50. AND FOLKS WE…

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Plastic Surgery Advertising – Is ‘Too Real’ Too Much?

According to an article in the Huffington Postlast week, an online magazine rejected a popular Plastic Surgeon’s advertisements for being “Too Real”. The advertisements submitted to the magazine featured women whose bodies would be considered a normal, average size to most people.  These are not the pictures of stick thin models you are used to seeing in magazines and on television.  These are…

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