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When Can I Lift Weights After Liposuction? Answering Top Liposuction Questions

Smiling woman in workout set pinching her side (model)

If you’re considering liposuction, you likely have questions. Below, I’ll answer top patient questions about the postoperative period of this popular procedure, from “When can I lift weights after liposuction?” to other recovery considerations. 1. What Is the Typical Liposuction Recovery Time? Your recovery instructions and timeline will vary greatly depending on the areas treated and the extent of your…

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Tummy Tuck Before and After Photos: 5 Things To Look For

Woman with a flat stomach (model) looks at the camera with a proud expression.

A tummy tuck promises a flatter stomach, tighter skin, and shapelier body contours. But before taking the plunge, it’s essential to choose your plastic surgeon carefully. One way to determine who is the best fit for you is by reviewing their tummy tuck before and after photos. To help guide your search, we’ve compiled a list of 5 key things…

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Considering Liposuction for Your Thighs? Here’s What You Should Know

Woman's thighs (model) against a light background.

While diet and exercise can yield great physical benefits, they may not always lead to the cosmetic results we want. The thighs, in particular, are notoriously difficult to sculpt. If you are troubled by saddlebags or frustrated that your strong leg muscles are being hidden away under fat, can help you get the sleek results you want. Here’s what you…

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How To Choose a Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgery is a significant investment in your physical and emotional well-being. It is not a decision that can be taken lightly, nor can the skill and qualifications of the provider be overlooked. This guide will walk you through how to choose a plastic surgeon so that you can make a confident, informed decision and enjoy the most natural-looking and…

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Mini Tummy Tuck vs. Full Tummy Tuck: What’s the Difference?

Close-up of a woman's flat stomach (model) wearing a red swimsuit against a white background.

A “pooch” can be a confidence buster for men and women who have dieted, exercised, and worked hard to lose weight. A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is often the right solution for targeting and eliminating stubborn, unwanted pockets of abdominal fat and excess skin. But which type of tummy tuck would work best for you? How do you weigh the…

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Double Chin Lipo: Dr. Lewis Answers 6 Frequently Asked Questions

Woman with clear, beautiful skin and a defined jaw shape (model) standing outside and smiling.

If you’re looking for an effective solution to eliminate your double chin, liposuction is a proven method for banishing this stubborn fat for a more defined jawline and neck. Often frustratingly resistant to diet and exercise, submental fat creates the appearance of a double chin and affects men and women alike. In this blog post, I’ll answer some of the…

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Breast Augmentation Before and After Babies: What Do I Need To Know?

Woman and her newborn child (models) standing in a doorway looking relaxed and happy.

Beyond simply fulfilling your aesthetic vision, your plastic surgeon should also consider your lifestyle and future goals—such as a desire to have children—when planning the details of your procedure. While there is no “right” time in a woman’s life to get breast implants, a candid discussion with your plastic surgeon about family planning can help guide you to an informed,…

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Can You Get a Better Belly Button After Tummy Tuck?

Woman (model) showing off her stomach and bellybutton while seated indoors.

  Tummy tuck surgery has an extremely high rate of satisfaction—a RealSelf “Worth It” rating of 95%. After this transformative surgery, patients enjoy smooth abdominal skin, a flat belly, and a slimmer waist. But did you know that a tummy tuck can reshape your belly button? One of the main perks of a tummy tuck is that it can reshape…

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Answers to Your Top Mommy Makeover Questions

Mother and daughter (models) reading a book together at home.

Since Mommy Makeovers can be so different for each patient, we find people have a lot of questions about this combination procedure. Read on to get answers to your Mommy Makeover FAQs. What is a Mommy Makeover? A Mommy Makeover is designed for moms who want to restore multiple areas of their bodies after having children. But you don’t have…

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