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Celebrities Who Love Plastic Surgery

Hollywood’s got a secret, and that secret is plastic surgery. Many celebrities use surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures to achieve their stunning good looks. While some celebs keep their enhancements under wraps, many openly admit to receiving various procedures. Let’s take a quick look at a few celebrities that love plastic surgery.

Breast Augmentation: Iggy Azalea

Famed Australian singer Iggy Azalea recently told the world about her breast implants. She explains that she’d dreamed of the procedure her entire life (she’s not alone in wanting breast augmentation; this surgery is consistently one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures). Azalea hopes that she’ll no longer have to sew padding into her stage costumes now that she has bigger breasts.

Breast augmentation is a popular surgery amongst other Hollywood women too. Other celebrities to have the surgery include Tara Reid, Kris Jenner, Jenny McCarthy and many others.

Botox: Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa is still going strong on television after more than a decade. She uses Botox to look her best. She claims that Botox cuts her makeup application times in half. She also uses the treatment to help with sweating. She says, “Botox has changed my life.”

Jenny McCarthy is also a Botox fan. And Vanessa Williams claims, “No one talks about it, but everybody does it.” Botox and other similar treatments were the most popular cosmetic procedure last year with more than 6.7 million treatments performed.

Male celebrities also love Botox. Simon Cowell says that, “Botox is no more unusual than toothpaste.” He does it once a year to maintain his famous good looks.

Rhinoplasty- Jennifer Aniston

America’s sweetheart Jennifer Aniston claims to have received rhinoplasty surgery to correct breathing problems. She’s not alone. Cameron Diaz also had the surgery after a surfing accident in the early 2000s. Ashley Tisdale and Ashlee Simpson also have admitted to receiving rhinoplasty.

Did you see one of your favorite celebrities on this list? Cosmetic surgery is more common than you might think in Hollywood and helps stars to maintain their amazing looks. You can look your best too. Call us today and schedule your appointment with Dr. Lewis.

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