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Acneic Facial with Peel

This treatment will help to purify, soothe and balance oily and problematic skin. Deep cleansing helps to eliminate and prevent blackheads, whiteheads and dissolving plugs while helping to reduce breakouts and congestion. This custom peel will target excess oil and acne breakouts along with exfoliating, soothing the skin while leaving the skin feeling clean, calm and refreshed.

Recovery: 80 minutes
Acneic Facial with Peel starting at: $120+
  • Recovery: 80 minutes
  • Pricing: 120+

The treatment will begin with the facial, the ingredients of this treatment will vary based on patient’s needs but the results will be the same. During this step, your face, neck and décolleté will be thoroughly cleansed to remove excess dirt and oil; a toner will then be applied to the area to balance the skin’s pH levels.

The next step of this treatment is to apply a customized peel; this will exfoliate the skin and promote healthy skin growth. Each peel is different and our esthetician will go through them with you before application.

Following the peel and if needed, extractions are performed. An extraction is the process of removing blackheads, whiteheads or pimples from the face.

A combination of vitamins, growth factors, and antioxidants are then applied to the face followed by an alginate mask to seal in and infuse these ingredients with the skin. Vitamins, growth factors, and antioxidants all help promote healthy and beautiful skin, the deeper these ingredients penetrate the skin the better the results. This treatment includes an arm and décolleté massage.


To maximize the results you will need to get a series of six peels. By the end of this process you will rediscover natural beautiful skin. This will also help control acne breakouts and balance the oil in your skin. The most important thing to remember is this all needs to be accompanied by a proper medical home care regiment. After most peels, the skin will be pink to red, and look shiny and tight. It is vital to apply sunscreen of SFP 30 or greater to the skin for the next 48 hours, minimum. You must also stay out of the sun, as your skin will be very sensitive to UV rays and could be damaged by sun exposure. The skin will begin to flake or peel within 2–3 days after the treatment, this is your skin purging toxins and is a normal effect after a treatment unless you had a lactic acid peel—these encourage moisture retention and may not produce any actual peeling.

To maximize results you will need to use a medical grade skin care regimen.

All our Peels are epidermal; you will get the same results with a series of six peels as if you were getting a deep peel; with out the risk of more hyperpigmentation, down time, pain and discomfort.

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Recommended Course of Treatment

Best results are achieved when it is done in a series of six treatments every other week. This course of treatment is approximately 3 months.


$100 per treatment—with the purchase of 5 treatments, you will receive the 6th treatment at no charge.


This treatment will take about 50 minutes, so please plan accordingly when scheduling your appointment.

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