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Carry’s Juvederm Experience

… the results have been long lasting and I plan on having this easy, painless cosmetic procedure done on a yearly basis as part of my maintenance routine…

“I decided to seek out a cosmetic procedure to help my deep set circles under my eyes. My under eyes have always had dark set definition under them but I wanted to look fresh faced and circle free for my wedding.”
“I did a lot of internet research on my specific issue. I also asked my primary physician, she informed me that my particular bone structure and pigment is the cause for my under eye circles. She also said no amour of sleep or eye cream would fix the issue. She told me of cosmetic alternatives and I researched procedures on the internet. I was referred to Dr.Lewis by the salon I go to Spa310.”

The procedure was short and minimal pain. I seemed to have little to no signs of bruising a week later. What bruising was there was easily covered with a little application of foundation.”

I would highly recommend Juviderm to anyone with my same under eye struggles. It has been amazing! I don’t have to worry about applying corrective color under my eyes and wear no foundation at all. Also the results have been long lasting and I plan on having this easy, painless cosmetic procudure done yearly as part of my maintenance routine. It has been so nice not hearing ‘wow you look so tired’ even when I felt well rested.
“I am extremely happy with the results and would highly recommend Dr.Lewis to anyone seeking cosmetic procedures.”
“The staff was exceptional. I received a free mini facial from the on site facial and skin service technician. She was extremely helpful and since then I have switched my daily facial routine to her recommended specifications for my skin. I have seen absolutely amazing results. My face looks younger and healthier than ever from just two visits to Dr.Lewis and his staff. The receptionist was also friendly and personable, and very helpful when I came in a day early by accident. She was able to accommodate me right then and was very professional and understanding.”