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4 Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips

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Women considering breast augmentation at our Richmond, VA, practice have questions about the size and type of breast implants they should get and whether they should have implants placed above or below their chest muscles. But what many patients are most concerned about is the recovery following surgery.

What surprises many of my breast augmentation patients is that the recovery usually requires less time off from work or school and involves less discomfort than they’re expecting. The techniques I use help minimize the trauma during the procedure, so the healing process goes more smoothly. For patients who want to resume their active lifestyles as quickly as possible, this is a pleasant surprise.

That being said, it’s helpful to know a few breast augmentation recovery tips that can help prepare you and ease your recovery.

Recovery Tips for Breast Augmentation

We provide our breast augmentation patients with detailed post-op instructions regarding medications, physical activity, and other issues that greatly minimize the risk of complications. In addition to those instructions, here are some other recovery tips:

Make sure you arrange for help: Even though most patients discover that the recovery following breast augmentation isn’t too difficult, you can expect to be sore and tired during the first few days. Having a spouse or friend help with household chores, child care if needed, and getting your meals together is something you’ll appreciate. Limiting your activity during the first 24 to 72 hours is important.

Create a comfortable recovery environment: Do this before going in for surgery. Create a “nest” where you have easy access to electronic devices, books, water, pain meds, and anything else you will want within arm’s reach. Planning ahead—filling prescriptions before surgery; preparing light, healthy meals that are ready to eat; and taking care of time-sensitive errands—will limit the stress on both you and your caregiver when you return home after your procedure.

Time off work: While researching breast augmentation recovery time and plastic surgeons, you may have come across practices touting “24-hour breast augmentation” with promises of being back on your feet within a day of surgery. It’s true that the advanced surgical techniques we use minimize trauma compared to what breast augmentation patients used to experience, but we still suggest planning to take about a week off from work. Rushing the healing process can backfire and delay your recovery.

Postpone new bra shopping: One of the perks enjoyed by women who get breast implants—especially patients whose breasts are naturally small—is having the chance to finally shop for sexy, fashionable bras that didn’t come in smaller sizes. But even after the initial recovery period, your new breasts will still be settling into their final position, and you may be disappointed if you go on a bra shopping spree too soon. Wait a few months, at least, and invest in a professional bra fitting to get an exact size.

If you’re looking for the best plastic surgeon in Richmond, VA, to perform your breast augmentation surgery, you can contact us using the online form or call us at (804) 267-6009 to schedule an appointment. You can also review our gallery of breast augmentation before-and-after photos featuring some of my actual patients to see the types of results you can expect.

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