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Monthly Archives: December 2015

I’m Thinking About a Facelift. Where Should I Start?

Are you thinking about a facelift? This surgical procedure can turn back the clock on your appearance. Many patients look 8-10 years younger after surgery with results that can last years. If you’re considering this rejuvenating cosmetic surgery, this guide will walk you through some of the first steps you should take. Facelift Basics: What You Need to Know How…

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How to get Party Perfect

Take a few tips from Dr. Lewis on quick and easy ways to get Party Perfect for the holiday season without downtime. Use this guide to non-surgical procedures such as Coolsculpting, Botox, Voluma, and Juvederm to get you party ready in no time.

5 Liposuction Myths Debunked, From Recovery to Results (Updated 2024)

How much do you know about liposuction? Many of our patients are surprised to learn that many of their liposuction beliefs are actually myths. It turns out there are a lot of misconceptions about this popular procedure, from the difficulty of liposuction recovery to the longevity of liposuction results. Today, let’s uncover the truth behind these liposuction myths. Myth #1:…

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