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Answers to Your Top Mommy Makeover Questions

Mother and daughter (models) reading a book together at home.

Since Mommy Makeovers can be so different for each patient, we find people have a lot of questions about this combination procedure. Read on to get answers to your Mommy Makeover FAQs. What is a Mommy Makeover? A Mommy Makeover is designed for moms who want to restore multiple areas of their bodies after having children. But you don’t have…

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What Procedures Make Up a Mommy Makeover? The 5 Most Popular Options

What does a mommy makeover include? It’s a question I hear often from Richmond women interested in a mommy makeover. This all-in-one procedure is famous for providing many of the corrections women desire after pregnancy or other major body changes. But what actually happens to your body during the procedure? Mommy makeovers are highly customizable procedures, so they look a…

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Mommy Makeovers Are On The Rise, And For Good Reason

What was your resolution for 2016? If you want to get your body back after baby, come see Dr. Lewis and ask about our Mommy Makeover. Make this the year you rediscover (or perhaps find for the first time) your perfect body. More and more mothers are taking the plunge, and for good reason – this combination of procedures is extremely effective.…

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What is a Mommy Makeover?

Let’s face it: Body + Baby = Big Changes. Loss of breast volume, sagging breasts, stretch marks, loose skin, stubborn fat and cellulite all come with the new mom territory. While you wouldn’t trade your children for the world, that doesn’t mean you can’t miss your old body. A Mommy Makeover helps women to restore their body after baby. You…

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How Soon Can I Return to My Normal Routine after a Mommy Makeover?

Any mommy can tell you, life with little ones can be rough. From school drop offs to poopy diapers and making dinner, a mommy’s job is never finished. Add a busy career to the mix and it’s a wonder you even have time for a shower. If you’re finished having babies and want your body back, you might be considering…

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The Mommy Makeover

The good news is, you had a baby — congratulations! The bad news is, you may be struggling to get your pre-pregnancy figure back. You’re not alone. Getting back in shape after pregnancy is a challenge many women face. That’s why we offer Mommy Makeover packages for new Moms. Your makeover will be designed especially for you, to help you…

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