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Video Testimonials

Abdominoplasty – Tummy Tuck

Patient: Patient had been unhappy with the skin around her middle for some time.
Surgery Performed: Abdominoplasty
Surgery Outcome: Our patient Tracy describes how she made the decision to have an abdominoplasty procedure, how she chose her surgeon and gives her impression of overall performance by Lewis Plastic Surgery. She is thrilled with the result of the surgery, and we are super happy for her.

Breast Reduction

Patient: Patient had significant back issues throughout her life as a result of large breasts.
Surgery Performed: Breast Reduction
Surgery Outcome: She describes having breast reduction surgery and how daunting the experience is. She talks about the decision to have surgery and her medical issues surrounding her breasts. She talks about her consultation, her surgery, her recovery and her overall experience of being a patient at Lewis Plastic Surgery.

Breast Reduction

Patient: Patient had indentations in her shoulders from her bra as a result of large breasts
Surgery Performed: Breast Reduction
Surgery Outcome: She talks about how she discovered Lewis Plastic Surgery and how glad she is that it resulted in a breast reduction operation that has changed her life.

Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation

Patient: Nicole has a double hernia and extra skin her waist after the birth of her twins.
Surgery Performed: Shares her experience of tummy tuck and breast augmentation with breast lift at Lewis Plastic Surgery.
Surgery Outcome: Nicole is thrilled with her surgery and tells us she feels so much better about herself. She also tells us how much she trusts Dr. Lewis.

Abdominoplasty – Tummy Tuck

Patient: Sheryl talks about how despite a gastric bypass and the loss of 100lb she still feels unhappy about her body.

Surgery Performed: She elects to undergo tummy tuck surgery with Dr Lewis. She tells us about the process and the recovery.

Surgery Outcome: She tells us that Erin is her perfect nurse, that the whole team were so comforting, that she was never treated as just another patient, which was hugely important to her. She describes Dr Lewis in the operating room and is very thankful for her experience.

Face Lift, Neck Lift and Eye Lift

Patient: Cindy lost 140lb after a gastric bypass. 17 months after surgery she met Dr. Lewis.
Surgery Performed: Face lift, neck lift, eye lift.
Surgery Outcome: She describes how Dr Lewis showed her kindness, compassion and understanding, with a lot of concern about the outcome of the surgery. She also talks about post surgery follow up.