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Richmond Plastic Surgeon Discusses How to Prevent Wrinkles

Botox might not be a subject that is on your mind very often, but here at Lewis Plastic Surgery, we think about Botox on a daily basis.  Of course, Lewis Plastic Surgery is a plastic surgeons office, so it would be hard not to think about Botox several times a day.

So today, I thought I might give you a few reasons to think about Botox.  The first thing I wanted to mention is that wrinkles are easier to prevent than they are to treat.  You might be wondering how you prevent wrinkles and the answer is Botox.  Botox is a great way to prevent those pesky wrinkles from showing up so quickly.

According to an article by ABC News there are several 20-somethings out there that realize what Botox can really do for them.  Some may think they are crazy to be “going under the knife”- or should we say syringe –  at such a young age, but why not stop the wrinkles from every happening?

If wrinkle prevention isn’t enough to get your mind really wrapped around Botox today, I bet this will:

Lewis Plastic Surgery’s monthly Botox special is another great way to get those thoughts about Botox bouncing around in your head.

On the first week of every month Lewis Plastic Surgery runs their “First Week Brow Fixer” special making Botox only $10.00 a unit, a $3.00 a unit discount from regular price.  The Botox appointment will also come with a free express facial that is performed by their master esthetician.

Call Lewis Plastic Surgery today at (804) 267-6009  and ask to schedule an appointment between Monday June 3rd and Friday June 7th, 2013.  If you still aren’t sure Botox is for you, ask to make a consultation with Dr. Lewis, cosmetic consultations are free, fast and informative.



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