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What Are the Most Common Reasons for Needing Breast Revision Surgery?

You love your implants and can’t ever imagine wanting them removed, but there are times that breast revision is necessary. One risk of breast augmentation is the potential need for other surgeries down the road, a process known as breast revision. Why would breast revision be necessary? Take a look below.

Poorly Done Initial Surgery

Breast augmentation is a complex surgery, one you don’t want to trust to just any surgeon. Choose a plastic surgeon with extensive experience working on breast surgeries. Dr. Lewis pays careful attention to detail and has meticulous surgical technique to minimize complications and to keep the need for revisions to a minimum.

Dr. Lewis often works with patients that have had their initial breast augmentation surgeries done with other surgeons that need revision due to implant positional issues (too high, too low, too close together, too far apart, etc.), rippling, asymmetry, etc.

Go Bigger or Smaller

Carefully choosing your implant size before breast augmentation surgery is an important step for avoiding a future revision surgery, but sometimes needs and desires change. Some women decide to go bigger after enjoying their augmented breasts for a few years. Other women choose to downsize their implants, especially when they get a little older. Revision surgery can help you to have the right sized breasts for your current desires, and to change your size over the years as your needs change.

Implant Rupture

Today’s implants are built to last, but occasionally they do rupture. With saline implants it is very easy to spot a leak (the affected breast will deflate and the body will absorb the saline solution inside), but spotting a rupture in a silicone implant may require medical imaging. If you do have a rupture, implant replacement surgery will be needed.

Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is an unfortunate complication to breast augmentation. It occurs when the pocket surrounding the implant contracts. In the most severe cases, it is painful and the breast appears misshapen and hard. Dr. Lewis uses a variety of different techniques to minimize the risk of capsular contracture occurring during your initial breast augmentation. Avoiding tobacco use after surgery can also lower your risk.

If capsular contracture occurs, come in as soon as possible. In some cases this condition is treatable using antibiotics and/or a leukotriene inhibitor (like Singulair). More severe cases will require surgical correction.

Breast Sagging

It’s inevitable… breasts sag. Over time your breast tissue will lose some of its elasticity and most women will develop some sagging (even with implants). We can perform a breast lift to correct this sagging. Some women can even keep their existing implants (or you can replace them, change size, etc.).

If you have breast implants and need revision surgery, call us today and schedule your appointment with Dr. Lewis. If you’re getting for your first augmentation surgery, work with Dr. Lewis and avoid many of the most common reasons for breast revision surgery. Even with a great surgeon, revisions are occasionally needed, but you can reduce your risk of additional surgeries with a little extra care and the right surgeon.

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