Lewis Plastic Surgery: Gordon Lewis, MD
2331-A Robious Station Circle
Midlothian, VA 23113
(804) 267-6009
Monday–Friday: 8:30 a.m.–4:45 p.m.

Siobhan’s Tummy Tuck

… Dr. Lewis always listens and makes you feel like you matter…

“Having this procedure done was on my wish list a long time, but being afraid of pain and not certain of the financial impact it would make, i never made it a priority. When i found out that i needed urgent medical care that involved surgery, i decided at that point to go ahead and research if i could combine both surgeries.”

“Prior to consulting with Dr. Lewis i visited 3 plastic surgeons in the area. Two of the doctors pressured me to get more work done that i originally intended, while the 3rd doctor did not pressure, but financially absolutely out of reach and unrealistic for my needs.”

After this somewhat demotivating experience i was almost ready to give up for the hunt of a plastic surgeon that i would feel comfortable with. I started internet searching and found Dr. Lewis. I then did my pre-research online and found absolutely great responses which encouraged me to make an appointment.

“Prior to surgery i was afraid. I associated hospital stays with pain and misery which really scared me. Little did i know that Dr. Lewis is super with controlling pain. I was up and about on the day of surgery w/o any noticeable discomfort.”

“Dr. Lewis came to check up on me in the hospital and was very attentive and not only listened to my concerns, but was very reassuring.”

“I was also very surprised about the hospital itself. The rooms and hallways now resemble more nice hotels and hotel rooms vs. images of all white walls, “olden” day hospitals.”

“I definitely would recommend my procedure to someone else. But i would also urge that person to see the right doctor. In my case, that made a world of difference. Dr. Lewis and his team make you feel part of an extended family, not just a patient.”

“Knowing what i know now, i recommend getting the surgery done yesterday. Don’t wait. When i first called to make the appointment i was skeptical at first, but this soon changed because the young lady on the other end of my receiver was very friendly and attentive. ”

“On the day of my first actual appointment i was greeted with a nice smile which immediately put me at ease. The waiting room reminds me more like a comfortable family room, just warm and inviting.”

“The almost non-existent wait, was a welcoming sign to me as well. Then i got to meet Ms. Erin, Dr. Lewis’ assistant. Such a warm and welcoming person who is absolutely adorable and down to earth.”

“I knew Dr. Lewis and his team was the team i would choose, because of the way i was treated. I felt more like family than a patient. ”

“Dr. Lewis and Erin answered all my questions which left me with no room for any doubt, providing me with confidence and support.”

My first step for further procedures would be to call my friends at Dr. Lewis’ office.