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5 Reasons Breast Reduction Can Change Your Life

Are overly large breasts weighing you down, literally and figuratively? Consider breast reduction. Many women find the procedure to be life-changing. If you’re struggling under the weight of heavy breasts, give us a call and schedule your breast reduction consultation. How will breast reduction change your life?

Reduce Back and Neck Pain

Are you experiencing back and neck pain due to the size of your breasts? Many women find large breasts to be very uncomfortable and even painful. The weight of your breasts may be causing back and neck pain, sometimes leading to permanent damage. Your bra may dig into the shoulder as it struggles to support your heavy breasts. Some women experience headaches, shortness of breath, rashes under the breasts, and tingling in the hands. Breast reduction surgery can alleviate many of these problems, helping you to feel better and enjoy a better quality of life. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, come see Dr. Lewis and find out if breast reduction surgery is right for you.

Exercise More Easily

Many women with large breasts find exercise to be difficult if not impossible. The weight of the breasts may make it difficult to run, jump, or stretch effectively. This can make losing or even maintaining weight more difficult. Breast reduction surgery may make it easier to exercise and enjoy a more active lifestyle.

Clothing Fits Better

If you avoid strapless tops and button-up shirts due to the size of your breasts, breast reduction surgery may be the solution. Many women with large breasts struggle to find clothing that fits properly. Items that fit the arms and torso are much too small for the breasts. Buy a top that fits your breasts and everywhere else is drowning. Bra shopping is limited to large, expensive, boring bras; those cute, lacy ones just don’t work for F-sized breasts. Breast reduction surgery can open up the clothing possibilities, allowing you to finally choose what you want to wear.

Feel More Confident in Your Body After Breast Reduction

Are you embarrassed by your breast size? After breast reduction surgery, many women report feeling more confident and comfortable in their bodies. They may find that people finally look them in the eye, rather than staring at their chest.

Take Control of Your Life

We want you to love your body. If your breasts are keeping you from the life you want and are causing painful medical problems, come see Dr. Lewis. You and only you can decide if this surgery is right for you. You might not have control over how big your breasts grow, but you can choose your breast size. Breast reduction surgery could change your life. Call today.

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