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Your NeoGraft Hair Restoration 4-1-1

A man examining his hairline after receiving NeoGraft hair restoration (model)

Is a full head of hair a dream instead of your reality? Hair loss is common but, with NeoGraft, it doesn’t have to last forever. We can restore a full head of hair using one of the most innovative hair restoration treatments available. You can enjoy all the benefits of hair transplantation with few of the downsides. Call today and learn about NeoGraft.

How Is NeoGraft Hair Restoration Different?

If you’ve explored hair restoration in the past but felt uncomfortable with the available options, you’re not alone. Dr. Lewis has had some issues with hair loss, and he wanted to bring this hair restoration option to his patients. For years, he wasn’t happy with the available treatments. Results weren’t great and there was a huge risk of scarring in the donor area. NeoGraft is different. Read more to find out why!

  • Minimal Downtime– NeoGraft minimizes downtime after hair transplantation. Many patients return to work in just 24 hours.
  • Man or Woman– Although surgical hair restoration is most commonly used for male pattern hair loss, it can also be used quite successfully in women with patterned hair loss. A consultation with Dr. Lewis will give you more information.
  • Fewer Activity Restrictions– Patients can return to many activities as soon as they’re comfortable. You’ll need to avoid strenuous activities for a short time while you heal.
  • Less Invasive– NeoGraft is the least invasive option available for hair transplantation. Since this procedure is less invasive than other types of hair transplantation, there are fewer risks associated with treatment.
  • Style Your Hair Any Way You Like– The large linear scar associated with traditional hair transplantation meant limited options for styling your hair. With NeoGraft, you can style your hair how you like—long or short.
  • No Linear Scar– Avoid the tell-tale linear scar of hair transplantation.
  • No Scalpel Incision– NeoGraft uses an automated device to harvest individual hair follicles for transplantation. There are no scalpel incisions—just small punches of hair and tissue using the device.
  • Minimal Discomfort– This procedure is less invasive and offers hair transplantation with less pain and discomfort.
  • Increased Take Rate– Since the follicles are carefully harvested using consistent size and depth, the take rate is dramatically increased for even, natural looking results.
  • Shorter Procedure Time– FUE (follicular unit extraction) is the gold standard in hair transplantation, but can be a long, drawn out process when completed manually. NeoGraft automates the process for a shorter recovery time with the same great results.

Is NeoGraft Right for Me?

If you miss your hair, get it back! Request your consultation or call today and ask about NeoGraft hair transplantation—the only hair restoration method that Dr. Lewis trusts for his patients.

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