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Get Wedding Ready with these Quick Cosmetic Procedures

Weddings can be absolutely stressful. Everything from getting caterers, music, and the venue can be enough to send any bride into a panic. Don’t forget the added pressure of having to look the best you ever have. You’re going to be looking at those wedding pictures for the rest of your life, and you need to look absolutely flawless. Are you looking for a little extra boost on your wedding day that won’t leave you bedridden and unable to plan your wedding? Let’s look at some quick procedures you can use right before your wedding day.


Are you ready to be a Botox Bride? Botox is considered to be one the safest, quickest, and most effective facial rejuvenation procedures in the cosmetic industry. Botox works by relaxing the muscles that create expression lines and wrinkles, giving you a smoother, younger looking face. Botox only takes a few minutes to inject, but its effects last for more than 3-4 months. Botox has been extensively tested and has very few side effects, so it’s perfect for a bride that just wants peace of mind.


Are you looking for something that will fix flaws like hyperpigmentation and damaged skin, but something that’s also gentle for your skin? Look no further than Dermaplaning, a gentle exfoliation treatment that removes peach fuzz while exposing softer skin. It’s simple too—it just uses a tool to gently scrape alongside the skin and exfoliate it.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are solutions injected into the face to create volume and lift, thus smoothing out deep creases and lines of the face. Two of the most popular fillers are Juvederm and Juvederm Voluma. Juvederm is used to fill in common aging lines like marionette folds and nasolabial folds. Juvederm Voluma is perfect for filling in sunken cheeks, which is a subtle, but common sign of aging. Like Botox, these fillers only take minutes to do, but their effects are unbelievable long lasting: Juvederm Voluma can last up to two years.

Facial and Chemical Peels

The dual-power treatment of Facial and Chemical Peels will make your skin look smoother and younger, and since it’s a multi-step process, each treatment can be customizable for each patient. What makes it extra special is the facial massage in the end; and it’s not any regular massage either, this one will encourage natural drainage of facial lymph nodes to create healthy fluid retention.

Sensitive Skin Facial

Don’t want to overdo it before your wedding day? If you have sensitive skin, the gentle Sensitive Skin Facial is perfect for you. You’ll get a gentle facial, then a toner to balance your face’s pH, then a slight exfoliation and extraction of oils, dirt, and blackheads. Lastly you’ll get an infusion of vitamins, growth factors, and antioxidants to keep your sensitive skin healthy and strong.

Now you have some options for looking amazing on your wedding day; but don’t trust any cosmetic practice with your face, contact Lewis Plastic Surgery now for a consultation on these skin rejuvenation procedures.

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